Skillsight PRODUCTS Technical Architectures, Product Configurations, Development, Performance Improvements, Testing And Certification, Intelligence/Analytics,
Data Integration
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Skill Sight DOMAINS EDI, HIPAA, HL7, X12, WMS, TMS, Database, ERP, BI, PLM, XML, SCM, SAAS Know more...
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Skillsight Inc. is an international IT consulting company that delivers affordable business and technology solutions through global software development. The company's seasoned management team and employees skilled in technology, business analysis and project management approach technology initiatives in a business context. Skillsight develops applications to help companies enhance their enterprise operations. The company also delivers product-development services and designs reusable building blocks for high-tech companies.

At Skillsight , we recognize that IT services firms cannot deliver quality and cost-and-time savings unless they commit to integrate disparate people, cultures, business processes and skill sets into a single corporate vision. On-shore represents a complete fusion of global resources that enables us to possess many locations, but one vision. And this approach delivers a consistent customer experience.

IT Services

Skillsight Consulting designs, develops and maintains enterprise solutions, using a world-class methodology, for business-to-business and business-to-consumer applications. These applications are built to leverage emerging and classic communication channels. We offer services that range from defining business needs to building solutions using best-of-breed tools and technologies to maintaining applications.


The areas in which we offer our services are:
Supply Chain Management
Data Warehousing / Business Intelligence
Testing Practice
Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
Web Services

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